Action-packed adventure novel, by Dion Summergreene, exposes real world problem and shines spotlight on animal conservation for next generation.

Gold Coast, Queensland, 17th April 2019 – One small dog makes a big impact on a global scale. Buckley’s Unexpected Adventure will change the way young readers see exotic pet ownership and draw attention to the devastating illegal trade of animals.

Delivered in a heart-felt, engaging and entertaining way, readers are taken on an international journey through the eyes of man’s best friend, allowing them to step into the world of a Queensland detector dog protecting Australia’s borders and beyond.

Buckley is obedient, loyal and highly efficient at sniffing out prohibited goods. One day he is confronted by a heartbreaking find when he uncovers a shipment of illegally smuggled animals. Determined to put a stop to more animals suffering at the hands of greedy criminals, he teams up with his best friend, a charismatic Californian mouse named Bo, and survivor, Ciara the chameleon, and heads overseas in search of the mastermind behind the animal smuggling syndicate.

His journey challenges him to push past his issues of self-doubt which are engrained in him by growing up being bullied by his brothers. He is able to overcome his insecurities and empower others in order to complete his mission and save countless lives.

Buckley’s Unexpected Adventure is a middle-grade fiction novel suitable for children aged 10+ years old. With global themes and relevance, readers get up close and personal with the colourful, humorous characters who tell their tales of exploitation.

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Dion Summergreene has worked as an art director and illustrator for the past 20 years, now making his writing debut with Buckley’s Unexpected Adventure being his first published book.

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