The British Trust for Ornithology has been working with researchers from University College London, the Bat Conservation Trust and Oxford University to develop a new survey for the National Bat Monitoring Programme, the British Bat Survey (BBatS). This survey will utilise the latest developments in acoustic sensor design, automated call recognition and interactive volunteer feedback, which includes public results and site-level results made available to the volunteer.

As part of this development, we have used data from the Norfolk Bat Survey to help us develop and test new online results pages for national bat monitoring. Please CLICK on the below image to view these. Since the Norfolk Bat Survey was launched in 2013, the project has analysed over 1.9 million bat recordings from data collected by volunteers across the county.

Having done this, the project team would like to make these test results available, with the following visualisations drawing on this huge wealth of data and data from other BTO projects to present the results as never before. Longer-term, we hope to provide volunteers with a private URL to view their site level results once recordings have been processed to replace the pdf feedback that we currently send out, and for these public pages, summarising data at a larger scale to be viewable more widely. As this is new for us, we would be very interested in receiving back any feedback good or bad on these pages.