Operation Wallacea is a network of academics from European and North American universities, who design and implement biodiversity and conservation management research programmes across 15 research sites worldwide.

The data collected is then provided free of charge to our sister charity The Wallacea Trust (charity number 1078362) who then use these data to lever funds to design and implement largescale conservation interventions at our study sites and beyond. Some of our recent achievements, to which our student volunteers have significantly contributed, include:

  • Using species distribution data from Honduras, Madagascar and South Africa, correlated with habitat and satellite-derived environmental variables, to predict distributions across much larger areas. This collaboration with the University of Oxford Biodiversity Research Centre aims to develop biodiversity performance criteria for the UN REDD+ scheme to fund forest protection.
  • Publishing our 280th paper in peer reviewed journals including Nature, Global Change Biology and Conservation Biology.
  • Discovering 30 new vertebrate species to science and three previously considered extinct.
  • Part-funding 64 PhD studentships directed at our global research strategy.

Operation Wallacea Andrew Snyder

We are currently recruiting ornithologists available for between 4-8 weeks within the months of June and early August. Possible locations include: Peru, Fiji, Dominica and Ecuador. Information on all our sites is available on our website.

The position will involve carrying out ornithological surveys as part of a large scale monitoring programme. Applicants should have experience of working in the field, biological undergraduate degree level or higher (or other relevant experience), point count, bird mist netting and handling experience.

In return, successful applicants receive full accommodation and food on site, potential current and future research opportunities, networking and skills development, flight bursaries for more experienced scientists, and of course the opportunity to contribute towards long-term conservation efforts.

If you would like to apply for the position of ornithologist, please fill in our online application form at http://opwall.com/jobs/ and send a CV or resume to Dr Danielle Gilroy at danielle.gilroy@opwall.com

Operation Wallacea Aiden Burrows