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We aim to make this site a one-stop for anything and everything related to ecology. Want to know what we think about new kit or a recent book publication? Then check out our product reviews. Interested in exciting discoveries from around the world? Then see the research sections. Are you a professional in need of links to guidance and reviews of current best practice? Then we have this covered as well. If you’re too busy to read a full article but want to learn something new why not read a BiOME Miniature (just search for the tag Miniature) – it’s one minutes worth of fascinating facts about a species or topic!

We hope all with a passion for ecology will find this website interesting and informative, and for those with just a passing interest we hope it will enthuse and motivate to develop your interest further.

The website will also focus on ways to engage children with nature and we would like BiOME Ecology to be a platform for charities and trusts to gain increased exposure, alerting readers to events, describing the work that is being undertaken and motivating people to get involved with citizen science projects.

The content of this website is produced by volunteers, all of whom are experts in their relevant subject areas. We encourage reader engagement with this site; please feel free to engage with the authors by commenting on posts and discussing on our social media accounts.

If you have a tale to tell, a species you’d like to write about, an event that requires publicising, or would like us to wrote about a particular subject then please get in touch. All our articles are reviewed to ensure a consistent approach but if you spot a mistake then please do let us know.

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